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With traditional floor drain traps, screw holes are easily clogged with dust and dirt, and the packing tends to work loose with repeated cleaning, causing water leaks. RESINA LOCK solves these problems once and for all?it provides an enhanced self-cleaning capability and watertightness.

1. Design

Designed by a professional designer. The screw holes are hidden inside to create a neat design.

2. Benefits

  1. No clogging with dirt such as lint. Easy to clean.
  2. Improved packing holder
    • Easy installation with a lock
    • Covers screws to prevent them from gathering dirt
  3. Specially waved rubber packing
  4. Compatible with both VP50 and VU50 (adjustable with the VU bush)
  5. Sleeve cap (a fixture aid for attaching a washing machine hose to an elbow)

Packing holder with a lock

The packing holder completely covers screws to prevent them from collecting dirt. The holder lock provides easy fastening and unfastening.

Enhanced self-cleaning capability

With no gap between the cap and throat, there is no location where thread or lint is caught.